Legal Council Sues Of Libelous Website. Legal Council of Bert Seale to file suit against a South African business man Malan Smal for Defamation, Libel & Slander. Amount not disclosed but could reach in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


PRLogMarch 2, 2015BOCA RATON, Fla.Florida — March 2, 2015 — Bert Seale, entrepreneur and well-respected business man from South Florida, has instructed his legal council to file suit in court against Johannes. M. Smal “know as Malan Smal from South Africa. Mr Smal has posted a website making false claims in regard to Mr. Seale’s character and business transactions.

The website, and its author, Malan Smal and his wife Irene Smal are the defendants named. They stand accused of defaming the good name of Mr. Seale family.

A Litany of Lies
Bert Seale has hired Billy Deptrillo of the United States, along with South Africa legal team to take on Malan Smal in court for his audacious and publicly made claims that Mr. Seale had engaged in fiduciary fraud. Mr Deptrillo vehemently denies any claims of wrongdoing by his client. Mr. Seale has led an exemplary life, having engaged in several successfully .com ventures including Seale Golf School, Future of Online Sports Coaching, Webswings.com, Lawyers on the Run, Contractors on the Run, and Realtors on the Run. Mr. Seale never been charged with any wrongdoing in the United States or South Africa, and he is at a loss to know why Mr. Smal has made such defamatory claims on his websites

South Africa Clearly Defines Defamation
Advised by his legal counsel, Mr. Seale is confident that South Africa’s rigid laws against online defamation will result in a win against Mr. Smal. South African law states: Defamation is the intentional and wrongful publication of a statement concerning one person; which has the effect of injuring that person in his reputation. Animus iniuriandi is not a requirement in the case of publication by the mass media. Iniuria is the intentional and wrongful infringement of a person’s personality rights, referred to as his corpus, dignitas or fama.To constitute a verbal injury the words complained of need not have a defamatory meaning: they must impair the plaintiff’s dignity and must be insulting in the sense that they must amount to degrading, humiliating or ignominious treatment. Defamation and iniuria on the Internet must be considered on the basis of the basic principles of the law of defamation, and these principles as developed over the years are capable of being applied to defamation and iniuria on the Internet.

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